PowerFlow USA is dedicated to providing you with high quality 110v and 220v power supplies, inverters and accessories engineered for a variety of applications. Typical installations include automotive audio, video and lighting displays and commercial / industrial charging systems.

PowerFlow USA offers...

APS 12 Volt Audio Grade Power Supplies
APS 12 Volt Power Supplies With Built-In Smart Charger & Remote Enable
DLS 12 Volt Power Supplies
DLS 220 Volt Input Power Supplies
DLS 24, 36, 42 & 48 Volt Power Supplies
SAMLEX DC-AC Pure Sine Wave Inverters - Light Duty Commercial
SAMLEX DC-AC Pure Sine Wave Inverters - Heavy Duty Industrial
APS & DLS Accessories
Medical Grade Power Supplies
Military Grade Power Supplies

The APS line of power supplies offers the highest performance possible in 110v - 12v power delivery. The output from the APS units are extremely clean and stable meaning that audio and video demonstrations can be done without a hint of noise from the converter. The APS units have been engineered to produce their maximum rated output continuously under full load. They are also dual voltage switchable from 13.2v up to 14.4v

We also offer a variety of accessories designed to increase performance and serviceability of the charging system.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding the installation or application of these products.

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